Experience China's Muslim Culture in Xi'an

Xi'an is known primarily as China's ancient capital. The city reached its most glorious period during the Tang Dynasty. Today, flocks of tourist visit the city's many historical sites. However, the most vibrant and colorful part of the city is undoubtedly the Muslim District.

Xi'an's Muslim Quarter is populated largely by Hui people one of China's largest ethnic minority groups. Wandering the Muslim Quarter, you will see baskets piled high with dates alongside Halal butcher shops and stuffed fried bread buns. The small streets and alleyways of this district come alive at night when vendors and shop owners hawk their wares, bikes fly between shoppers, and the smell of delicious Hui street snacks fills the air.

The highlight of the Muslim Quarter is a visit to the Grand Mosque. Built during the Tang Dynasty, this house of worship is still in use today. The mosque is designed in the Chinese style with four courtyards and landscaped gardens. The Grand Mosque is considered to be one of the largest and best-preserved mosques in the country.

A must-see for any visitor to Xi'an, the Muslim Quarter is a look into another side of China. The China Guide can include a tour of the Muslim Quarter in any Xi'an tour. For more information, please visit the China Guide's website: www.thechinaguide.com


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