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by Kaye Fallick, Publisher, YOURLifeChoices magazine, enews and website

Much is written about older Australians, but it is rare for journalists to directly ask this cohort what they think, which may be related to the 'becoming invisible' syndrome which hits those who dare to turn 50, 60 or even older.

Last week the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released statistics on overseas travel departures for 2011, confirming that Australians aged 60 and over are the fastest growing sector, not doubling, but tripling their propensity to go overseas during the past decade.

But while many might guess why 'they' travel and conjecture where 'they' might go, for the past two months, YOURLIfeChoices website has been surveying its members (aged 50-75) about their travel intentions. This week we release the results of the most comprehensive survey undertaken of older Australians and travel, since the landmark “Not over the hill, just enjoying the view" was completed by the Queensland Government in 1999.

Although the 1999 report highlighted the opportunities for domestic tourism operators to increase business by engaging with the mature consumer, few did. With a bullish Australian dollar and dwindling domestic tourism, maybe they will finally get the message that travel is not just for 20-somethings?

The YOURLifeChoices survey received over 2,500 responses from 50- to 75- year-old men and women, sharing information about how often they travel, where they do their planning, how they prefer to book …and their preferred destinations, both domestic and international.

This issue of AgeWave Australia is the first in a series of four that will release the full results of our readership survey – answers to 40 questions concerning health, income, travel, technology and online activities.


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