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Festivals and Events are definitely a part of tourism's Growth Markets - and will always remain a staple of the industry. As such, the Internet is full of great resources on the subject. Below is just a sampling of what's out there:

Here are a couple of resources on the topic:

And it's helpful to know there are many state-based festival associations; here's a sampling:
Kentucky http://www.kentuckytourism.com/events/events.aspx
Washington http://www.wfea.org/
Florida http://www.ffea.com/
Michigan http://www.mfea.org/
North Carolina http://www.ncfestivals.com/
Minnesota http://www.exploreminnesota.com/events/festivals-events/index.aspx
.....and many more!

And there are international festival groups, associations and resources:
China http://www.travelchinaguide.com/intro/festival/tourism.htm
Tahiti http://www.tahiti-tourisme.com/discover/events.asp
Malaysia http://www.tourism.gov.my/events/
Romania http://www.romaniatourism.com/festivals-events.html
Kenya http://www.cdd-ghana.com/2010/09/22/kenya-festivals-the-events-that-bring-in-tourists-from-all-over/


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