Top 10 Adventures for Americans 50+

More than 50,000 Americans 50+ Choose Soft Adventure Travel

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According to the 2010 U.S. Census, there are more than 94 million Americans older than 50.  Travel is the number one pastime for Americans over 50 [Immersion Active 2010], accounting for four leisure trips per year and making up 57 percent of all leisure travelers [Travel Industry Association 2012].  Today, more than 40% of Americans are single [2012 U.S. Census] with more than 35 million having taken a vacation by themselves in the past three years [Travel Industry Association 2012].   
2012 Top 10 Adventures for Americans 50+
1. Botswana
2. Serengeti (Tanzania and Kenya)
3. Machu Picchu & the Galapagos
4. Turkey
5. Peru
6. Costa Rica
7. India
8. Baltics
9. China
10. Vietnam

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